SYNSO:Squid Harder

When 4 worlds collide, only one hero can save the day. The very greatest of all squids, SYNSO. Help SYNSO survive for whole minutes at a time using nothing but his head filled with laser beams.


SYNSO:Squid Harder


SYNSO:Squid Harder is the first official sequel to SYNSO. Originally created as an entry into the Indiepub competition for no discernible reason it was an attempt at taking the SYNSO formula somewhere else. Somewhere a bit more special.

“The sun is shining, the squid are firing continuous laser-blasts into their enemy, and my tea is warm. It is a good day to be alive” – Jim Rossignal, RPS

No more surviving for an arduous 9 minutes. Choose from 1 minute, 2 minute, 3 minute or 4 minute attack waves. Now with a slicker neo-retro style and a whole boatload of accessibility options to boot. SYNSO:Squid Harder is everything SYNSO could have been and wasn’t.

Here’s a video from PixelProspector showing the game in action. Isn’t it lovely?

Because of the excellent music by Syntronic, SYNSO:Squid Harder is available to download for nothing, zilch, nada. Knock yourself out!. However, please consider a purchase to get the special edition (pictured) with improved and remixed graphics and all our other PC games thrown into the bargain.


    1. 4 worlds of non stop mayhem
    2. Keyboard/Joystick/Switch control
    3. Configurable effects levels
    4. Squids
    5. Not any octopus, sorry.


Music by Syntronic
Graphics and game design by Robert D. Fearon
Crypt Of Tomorrow font by Auntie Pixelante
Remaining audio by Robert D. Fearon
4Noah by William Pilgrim
Inspiration: Jeff Minter, Paul Holmes, Eugene Jarvis, Half Man Half Biscuit, Tea (and the drinking thereof)

The title Squid Yes, Not So Octopus is used with the kind permission of Geoff at Probe Plus and Nigel of Half Man, Half Biscuit. Thanks guys. Appreciated.


Look! Special Edition!

The SYNSO:Squid Harder Special Edition Update is also available to purchasers.