5 Minute Arena Shooter. Score attack variation. Survive 5 minutes, eat gem and fruits, score massive.

SYNSO:Championship Edition


The stopgap sidestep get on board the fruit train game.

I was never really entirely happy with the original SYNSO. It had something but it was only ever the start of something. SYNSO:CE was an attempt to sort that right out.

It takes what SYNSO is and breaks it. Gone is the points per minute, replaced by more standard scoring. Now with fruity multipliers. It takes out the 9 minute slog and breaks it down to a more manageable 5 minutes. And it glows harder, faster and brighter than SYNSO had ever done before.

In short, I really, really like what SYNSO:CE became. Yes, it’s SYNSO: The First. Yes, it’s sort of “seen it all before” but it’s just all fits together so nicely. Especially with the inclusion of a certain famous sound effect also.

It’s less antagonistic, less unfriendly and far more accessible. In fact, it’s also my most accessible game yet, with a boggling amount of options that let you strip the game down to a mere shell of itself if you so require. It’s both great for folks who want to play and a lovely challenge to see how far you, as a designer, are willing to go to let people destroy everything you’ve designed.

Synso:CE comes with a series of additional accessibility options. Press TAB when prompted to access the menu.

  • Configurable visual effects: Choose how intense you’d like your game to be. From no effects to ARE YOU MENTAL? mode.
  • Configurable background effects. Strip away layers of backgrounds for more visual clarity.
  • One Switch Compatible. SYNSO:CE is compatible with 4Noah for switch access. Download 4Noah here.
  • Invulnerability. Play the game and never die. Can be configured for 1,2,3,4 or 5 minute games so you decide how long you play for
  • Reduce enemy spawns. Turn off the wave structure in the game. Reduce enemies to a bare minimum.
  • Slow down enemies and fire rates Play the game at a speed that suits you.
  • Slow down the entire game No need for CPU killer. Drag the room speed down to something acceptable for you.

For notes on manually editing the accessibility features, please see this page for guidance.


Game by Robert D. Fearon based on an idea by Steve Maibock.
Music by Swith.
Originally created for Way Of The Rodent


Hi-res screenshots here.