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The Bagfull Of Wrong

The Bagfull Of Wrong is the complete collection so far of the works of RobF, from the critically acclaimed insanity of War Twat to the out and out psychedelic glowy mayhem of the Squid Yes, Not So Octopus series. Now with added DEATH RAY MANTA.

Currently included:


DRM:The Videogame (Windows/OSX)

Edge Magazine 8/10. Starring at the Eurogamer Expo 2012 Indie Games Arcade. “Beautiful” – Rock Paper Shotgun.


SYNSO:CE + BONUS: SYNSO Original Prototype

5 minute score attack arena shooter. Get fruits. Get high scores! With fruits! And multipliers. Super accessible, super tweak-y and did we mention the fruit? It’s got fruit!

SYNSO: Squid Harder

Special Edition (Normal version is FREE)

1-4 minute arena shooter. Psychedelic mayhem and neon chaos from the future that never was. Critically acclaimed! Accessible! Fun! Neon! Fireworks! Videogame!


Volume 1

A diversion via Transversion. Solar like a fox. Collect the dots, the board is a deathtrap. Do not die. Hard and scary with a side order of Digitiser tribute just because.



What was that? YOUR EYES BURNING. Reactionary arena shooter where every second alive is a success. Star of the first Eurogamer Expo and the only videogame with chinny bonus.


(incomplete) + The Ambiomat + A collection of game sketches

Spin the fish. Shoot the fish. It’s fish vs fish in this one button Vectrex-tribute fish shooting game. PC/Mac versions late 2012/early 2013. The Ambiomat is a one switch digital toy.

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