Death Ray Manta, SYNSO and more are now freeware.

Hello, after all these years with Bagfull Of Wrong, it’s time to retire it and start a new life elsewhere with some new games and a fresh start on the horizon and so, with that, all my previous games are now available to download and play for free. You’re more than welcome to throw a donation in the pot (and it’ll be very gratefully received) but it’s no longer necessary in order to play anything I’ve made before this post. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but with writing off a lot of last year, well, it had to wait.

Why make them free? I’ve been doing this making games solo lark for 13 years now (!) and I’ve enjoyed most of it. It’s had its ups and downs as most things do and there’s been a couple of occasions where I wanted to quit and walk away but there’s good people out here in the making games world (and in the people who buy/download games world too) and they’re worth sticking around for. But I came from freeware and believe that there’s a point where you can say “you know, I’ve done well enough from this” and so set it free for everyone else. So that’s what I’m doing. My previous work has seen me getting to show it off repeatedly at events, allowed me to stand up on a stage and tell people off on a few occasions and settled me with a console and a Steam deal for the future. It’s done OK and I’ve been OK thanks to it. New DRM will appear on Steam instead of old-DRM, as was always the plan really so nothing changes there except for more people being able to play my old stuff now.

So without further ado, the downloads are below and I hope you enjoy them.

Death Ray Manta (Win/OSX)

Download Death Ray Manta

Death Ray Manta (Android)

Download Death Ray Manta for Android

War Daddy (Win/Ouya)

War Daddy was made mainly to see if I could fit War Twat into an OUYA. I can! Huzzah. Windows version requires 360 pad to play. Again, name change is so I could get it up the OUYA store without having to take a ratings hit.

Download War Daddy OUYA
Download War Nose Win

War Nose:War Twat 2012 Remaster (Win/OSX)

War Nose is the 2012 update of War Twat, improved graphics, runs a bit faster and less janky. Name change was so I could get it uploaded onto Steam for kids to go and rummage through so Twat wouldn’t be the best name to use at that point, right?

Download War Nose Windows Installer
Download War Nose OSX
Download War Nose Windows (No Installer)

SYNSO:Championship Edition

Download SYNSO:Championship Edition (Windows)

Squid And Let Die

Download Squid And Let Die (Windows)

SYNSO:Squid Harder

Download SYNSO:Squid Harder (Windows)
Download SYNSO:Squid Harder Special Edition (Windows)

War Twat

Download War Twat (Windows)
Download War Twat Colour Blindness Edition (Windows)
Download Bobby’s War Mac (Mac)


SYNSO (Windows Prototype)

Download SYNSO (Windows Prototype) – Purchase SYNSO for the 360 from the Marketplace


– One switch fish based spinny insanity.

The Ambiomat

Download The Ambiomat – A One Switch Digital Toy


Download the Trainwrecks collection – Quick sketches and ideas. Contains swears and sillies.

George’s Squizzy Griffin

Download what exists! – A semi-aborted collaboration with Scott Watson.


Make your own SYNSO games if you want. Here’s some stuff to help…

SYNSO1 Graphics and Resources.
SYNSO:CE Graphics and Resources
SYNSO360 Sprite Sheet and backgrounds
Squid Harder Graphics and Resources
Squid And Let Die Graphics and Resources
SYNSO3 Graphics
DRM Graphics and Audio To Date
Logo stuff
Misc. Effects Sprites
War Twat Graphics
Organic Sprites
ZX Specchum PSD