Hello there! My name’s Rob. Nice of you to pop by.

I write about videogames for humans and I write games for humans. It passes the time, y’know?

You might (or might not) already know me as the bloke who ran Retro Remakes or the long defunct xnPlay. Retro Remakes was the oldest serving junction for the remakes community. We finally wound down Retro Remakes after a long time in 2014 because the world kinda changed around us but I’m proud of a lot of the stuff we achieved there. It’s got one last form to come, mind. It’s not going away, just its use as a news site long passed.

You might know me as Retroremakes on Twitter. For some reason I have a reputation as grumpy but to be fair, I’m mainly just very tired. Being in videogames and having a family has that effect. I don’t bite really, come say hi.

These days, I split my writing time between Take This Machine and my old haunt over at We Make The Cops Look Dumb. Take This Machine is where I go to write about videogames that interest me, excite me or just generally want to tell people about just because. It’s a chance to kick back and say nice things about games because you’ve got to have some balance to the force. We Make The Cops Look Dumb has weirdly morphed into a more personal blog where I dump my thoughts on whatever is happening in videogames right now.

You can find some of my more general videogame industry writing over on Gamasutra. I’ve also been lucky enough to be invited to contribute to Eurogamer in the past although that was, unfortunately, far from my best words.

I’m currently working on a game for Playstation/Steam with a chap called Andy White and the band Jenny And The Giants. I’m very excited about it and you can find a vague document of my progress over on The Future Of Videogames. It has colours, lasers and a synthwave soundtrack. It’s very, very videogame.

I have given talks on accessibility in games, helping people get into videogames, the pitfalls of remakes and remaking as well as erm, a talk on genitalia in videogames with RockPaperShotgun. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have my work on display at 3 Eurogamer Expos, of which I’ve been in fine company.

At some point in early 2015, I opted to make all the small games I’ve worked on over the years available for free. You can download them from the sidebar. For obvious reasons, stuff I’ve worked on with other people along the way still costs money. My favourite remains Rob Hale’s Waves which I wrote the challenge mode for.

Why make them free? I’ve been doing this making games solo lark for 13 years now (!) and I’ve enjoyed most of it. It’s had its ups and downs as most things do and there’s been a couple of occasions where I wanted to quit and walk away but there’s good people out here in the making games world (and in the people who buy/download games world too) and they’re worth sticking around for. But I came from freeware and believe that there’s a point where you can say “you know, I’ve done well enough from this” and so set it free for everyone else. So that’s what I’m doing. My previous work has seen me getting to show it off repeatedly at events, allowed me to stand up on a stage and tell people off on a few occasions and settled me with a console and a Steam deal for the future. It’s done OK and I’ve been OK thanks to it. New DRM will appear on Steam instead of old-DRM, as was always the plan really so nothing changes there except for more people being able to play my old stuff now.

You can mail me if you want a chat about anything. I’m usually quite slow in catching up on my email so a prod on Twitter can be more productive.

My writing is predominantly funded and assisted by the kindness of my Patreon donors. Your patronage would be welcomed to. If you like the stuff I do, want to see me able to carry on writing about the stuff I do, please consider a regular donation. I am incredibly grateful for all the help I recieve.