The Bagfull Of Wrong

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The Bagfull Of Wrong contains the videogames of Rob aka Rob Remakes aka @retroremakes

The games are primarily neon infused tributes to arcade games of days gone by. They are designed to be played by humans. They are easy to pick up, easy to understand and have lasers.

We like lasers. We also like bargains.

Amazing arena shooters

All our Win/Mac games are available for one fee. Choose your price in the sidebar and/or have a browse of what AMAZING videogames you could be playing right now. If you like arena shooters, you’re probably in the right place, y’know?

The latest release is Death Ray Manta, available for Mac and Windows. That’s an Edge 8 in ratings money btw. Prestigious! Death Ray Manta, SYNSO and War Twat have all been honoured with places at the Eurogamer Expo too. Double-o-prestigious!

People seem to like playing these videogames! It’s crazy! Like a fox. But only a really tiny fox. Like so big… >.<


Death Ray Manta has been ported to mobile by the lovely Jeff Murray. It’s a Eurogamer 8 and other pretty high numbers from other places too. Sadly, we can’t offer mobile ports as part of the bundle but you can grab the iOS version by clicking here. It’s super cheap, obviously (and dual stick if that’s your bag). No IAP, no messing.

You can also buy Death Ray Manta on the Win8 store if you really want to. I’m not sure why?

There’s also a version of SYNSO on XBLIG too courtesy of Andy Noble. That’s only 80 points and looks like this: